You or someone you know could be reaping benefits that scores
of other investors have received over the last 13.5 years investing
in the Inner Light Center property.
Your social responsibility lending will afford the following
• Take advantage of real estate investing with a predetermined
source for repayment* usually not available for a short time period
• Earn monthly income at 6% annual interest for 24-36 months
• Align your money with your values
• Empower Inner Light to be an agent of transformation
* In order to move into a more dynamic and sustainable location, we are in escrow for the sale of our property. In 24-36 months when escrow closes, we will cash out our equity, relocate Inner Light, and pay off all financing. A senior assisted living facility will be built on our current site.

We are looking for an aggregate bridge loan of $990K to refinance our existing junior notes. The minimum investment is $10K. An Investment Summary will be available next week. For more information, contact Rev Deborah Johnson at or (831) 465-9090 x202 or see Russell Downing after service.

2017 Investment Summary Inner Light Center