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Q.   What is happening to the Inner Light Center?
A.    As part of our 20-year strategic planning, we have sold our 3.3 acre parcel has been sold to a developer to build senior assisted living units. The developer built the Aegis facility down the street.
Q.   Is Inner Light closing?
A.   Definitely not. Only the property is being sold. The ministry will continue growing and fulfilling its mission.
Q.   When will we be moving?
A.   The exact time cannot be predicted, however, we anticipate moving towards the end of 2019. It could possibly be up to a year later depending upon the Buyer’s ability to receive all of the approvals it needs to build. We will be given a cash advance and up to an additional 6 months to move after Buyer has received entitlements.
Q.   Will we still be operating from the Inner Light Center?
A.   Yes, we will continue at our current location for at least the next 2-3 years. We still have the same expenses and obligations to fulfill. We will continue with Sunday services, our regular programs, and hosting community events.
Q.   When does escrow close?
A.   Escrow will close after the Buyer receives all of its entitlements to build and we have vacated the premises completely.
Q.  When do we receive the proceeds from the sale?
A.  We receive the proceeds from the sale at the close of escrow estimated towards the end of 2019. There is a provision for us to receive a cash advance for moving costs prior to closing.
Q.   Where will we be moving?
A.   Our new location will be a community decision based upon what we determine our space needs to be. Divine Order!

FAQ – Sale of Inner Light Center 5.17.17

Frequently Asked Questions – Sale of Inner Light Center