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Statement of Purpose – Inner Light Ministries is an Omnifaith outreach ministry dedicated to spiritual transformation.  We provide “Tools for Living” that encourage the practical application of Universal Spiritual Principles to all of life’s circumstances.  Our aim is healing through the energy of love and the revealing of our own Inner Light.  As an Omnifaith ministry, we embody Spiritual Oneness, appreciate individualized expressions, and honor all paths that lead to Truth.

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Meditation at 10:15am

Livestream ONLY! 10:30am PDT

September Theme: Consistency

September 27, 2020 – Topic: Consistently Resilient

Speaker: Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Musical Inspiration: Beth Freewomon & Inner Light House Band

Livestream only until further notice!

Santa Cruz County CZU Lightning Complex

Update: Our Sunday Service will be Livestream ONLY until further notice. Please continue to shelter-in-place and enjoy our virtual services.

In compliance with the Santa Cruz County comply with the shelter-in-place order, our Sunday Services will be live-streamed only.


Building Our New Portal Together

A new, user-friendly, mobile-friendly website for both Inner Light is being created.  It will seamlessly interface with Rev Deborah’s website at www.DeborahLJohnson.org.

Our exciting new website will:

  •       Make lightstreaming/archives, events, and classes easy to access;
  •       Include platforms for virtual community engagement;
  •       Easily interact with social media;
  •       Include inspirational videos, materials, & MP3s.

We are excited to better connect with you!

Funding Our Vision

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

Please visit our Website Donation Form

Rent the Light

Rent the Light

Our fabulous space is available for rental to hold your events


Live Streaming of Sunday Service
Celebrating 23 years

Celebrating 23 years

Celebrating out 20th year at Innerlight