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A Balanced Life – July 22, 2018

A Balanced Life – July 22, 2018

Today is the culmination of my entire life experience.

My life has been filled with joys and sorrows, triumphs and tragedies – all part of being human.

I bless every event in my life, knowing that love turns everything into an agent of redemption.

I release all of me, finding strength in what I have grown to understand.

I am grateful for all lessons, no matter how much I may have resisted them at the time.

I love who I am and wouldn’t trade being who I am for all of the world.

Thank you, Spirit, for the privilege of my journey.

                                       Living the Sacred Yes by Rev Deborah L. Johnson, “Thank You for My Journey” Pages 124-125

© 2018 Inner Light Ministries

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