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Clarity of Intention – May 15, 2016

Clarity of Intention – May 15, 2016

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I’m knowing we are being called to a new connected, integrated version of spirituality

That the old ways of isolated meditation are becoming obsolete

That we spiritual seekers get to live with the people, in the people, of the people

That oneness isn’t some concept, but is a lived, felt reality.

So I give up my isolation

I give up my judgments of others that distance me from others

I give up my fears that distance me from others

I open my heart and know that it is felt and received

I open my heart knowing I might be rejected

I reveal myself to the other as I reveal myself to God

Knowing there is no distinction – that the two are one.

I sign up for the shared journey

I sign up to invest in relationship as part of my path

I sign up to get triggered by fellow travelers,

 and to find my wounds and my healing in the trigger

Knowing that I heal in the reflected love

That I heal in the network or relationships that surround me

That they bring me ground[edness], peace, and comfort

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