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Continuous Resurrection – April 1, 2018

Continuous Resurrection – April 1, 2018

“This day, I get out of your way, Lord.

This day, I stand for Truth.

No longer tied to the things of this world, I know who I am in you.

Change my mind, change my life, change my heart…

Grant me this brand new start.

To be the all that I must be, I surrender me.

I let go of the fight and the struggle.

I release my need to control.

I have reached the eye of the storm.

I’m ready to be reborn.

As I die to my old way, my own way, resurrect me, Lord, this today.”

                     Lyrics to ‘Resurrect Me’

by Rev Deborah L. Johnson and Valerie Joi Fiddmont

©2018 Inner Light Ministries


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