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All Needs Met List

At Inner Light we stand upon the spiritual principle of all needs met. You may wish to contribute to the manifestation of this spiritual principle by contributing items on our All Needs Met List below. Please take a look, and when you are out shopping, pick up a little extra for our beloved spiritual community. For further details about items or questions about drop-off, call the Inner Light office at (831) 465-9090. Thank you for your generosity!

Shopping List

  • Organic rice cakes and corn thins, organic fruit (children’s snack weekly)
  • 8 oz. biodegradable, paper hot cups
  • Ball point stick pens
  • White copy paper, high recycle content
  • Golden rod copy paper
  • Blue and white card stock
  • Square box tissues
  • Thin rectangular box tissues
  • 2011 tax form software
  • Flip Charts
  • Banner paper for visioning
  • CDs white, 52x, hub printable (inkjet printable)
  • Label cartridges for Brother P-Touch #M231
  • Unscented color markers
  • Two pocket folders
  • Masking tape
  • Extension cords
  • First class stamps
  • Standard staples
  • Binder clips

Hardware & Equipment Needs

  • Duplexer for Dell 3110cn approx. $110
  • Flip Chart Easels
  • Money counting machine (paper currency) approx. $100-150
  • Child-sized picnic tables, garden tools, and a toilet
  • Three exterior doors (pre-hung, solid core 36″ out-swing)
  • Window screens
  • Phone system
  • Cell phones
  • Accordion room divider