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Cycles of Renewal – April 1, 2012

Cycles of Renewal – April 1, 2012

[weekly-headings theme=’Renewal’ topic=’Cycles of Renewal’ speaker=’Rev. Deborah L. Johnson’ music=’Inner Light Choir under the direction of Valerie Joi Fiddmont’]



Life is in a constant process of renewing itself.

Every winter is followed by the spring.

The bird knows its song regardless of the season.

My heart is always in full blossom, finding nourishment wherever I am.

Healing never has to be coerced for it’s the natural order of things.

As I proclaim worthiness and value in all things, I enable them to transform.

I have the patience to await the ripening of my inner and outer fruits.

I have the insight to replant, even as I harvest.

My cup runs over and my soul is restored.

All is well.

© 2012 Inner Light Ministries

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