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Everything can be a Prayer – March 3, 2019

Everything can be a Prayer – March 3, 2019

I use prayer to allow the divine flow of the Universe to arrange things
beyond what I can do for myself.
I use prayer to thank this great Universe for all of the love I have
in my life right now.
Prayer helps me joyfully surrender and release the delusion of control.
Prayer reminds me that abundance is a reality in my life
and the world around me, right now.
After I pray, I find myself looking for the good in every situation
and can respond with love, wisdom and understanding.
Gratitude, is a form of prayer, and turns what we have into enough and more.
I know there is no experience, no person and no action that can block me from the Intelligence within.
Right now, I choose to turn away from old stories and false beliefs.
I choose to step into the unknown knowing I am guided, guarded
and protected by Spirit.
After I pray, I recognize that my good is not in some future time or place. It is right here, right now.
Everything I say, think and do is a form of prayer.

©2019 Inner Light Ministries

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