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Feb 16, 2020 – “The Startling Power of Intimate Nowness”

Heart in lights at the beach

Feb 16, 2020 – “The Startling Power of Intimate Nowness”

I understand that my need for independence can sometimes isolate me.

So I release it and lean into my interdependence.

I release my need to be right, feel superior, or feel like the victim.

I open to the wonder of connection… Who is it that I’m supposed to be with?

What soul is it that I’m supposed to share time with?

Who is the person I thought was judging me who’s actually a friend in waiting?

I open my heart to these souls.

I open my being to these souls.

I support them fully and deeply.

And allow them in to support me.

I soften into their warm embrace and give up my tendency to judge and lean out.

I lean in and wait for the emergent miracles.

I lean in and allow my heart to crack open.

I surrender to the path of the heart and allow it to take me where it will.

I am transformed by love.

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