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“Feel, Deal, Heal” from The Sacred Yes featured on Oprah’s Life Classes

“Feel, Deal, Heal” from The Sacred Yes featured on Oprah’s Life Classes

Inner Light can be proud of our own Reverend Deborah and our beloved sacred text, The Sacred Yes!

This week Oprah began her Lifeclass series on her new network, OWN, dubbed “the world’s largest classroom.”  This will be a series of six programs, each featuring a different visionary speaker. Iyanla Vanzant was the first teacher featured on the topic of “Stop the Pain.” (Tony Robbins and T.D. Jakes are the next Master Teachers in the schedule.)

Here’s a pleasant surprise for Inner Lighters: The concept “Feel, Deal, and Heal” from Rev. Deborah Johnson’s book, The Sacred Yes, provided the framing for Iyanla Vanzant’s program. In the beginning of the show Ms. Vanzant credits Rev D with the Feel, Deal, Heal framing, and mentions her by name.

You can view the whole program for free by clicking here. Minutes 16-22 set the context for the session. Reverend Deborah is mentioned at approximately minute 19.

Ready or not, this consciousness is being multiplied!

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