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Inner Light Workshops


Facilitated By: Rev Deborah L. Johnson


Please note the new time and new registration price.


Do you find yourself:

  • Having difficulty standing in your power
  • Drawn into drama or challenged by the news?
  • Festering over past encounters or fearing future ones?


Learn how to:

  • Be less influenced by surrounding circumstances
  • Harness your energy and return to Center
  • Redirect your attention towards your vision
  • Align with the Divine within you
  • Pierce through the Victim/Villain/Hero Triangle


Wednesdays,   November 6, 13, 20 & Dec 4


Virtual Sessions        10:00 – 11:30 am PST via Zoom

In-Person  Sessions  7-9:30 pm PST at the Inner Light Center

(You can alternate between Virtual and In-Person as needed)


Registration: $85

Virtual Advanced Skills Building* for Societal Oneness




Facilitated by

Rev Deborah L. Johnson

Gain proficiencies in the concepts and techniques necessary to: align with Life’s paradoxical healing processes; direct Love’s energy as a Soul Force; engage in transformative dialogue; stop separating as protest against separation, and embrace adversaries as part of the solution. *For those with an inclusive spiritual practice and/or a history of social justice work.

Find all past sessions on YouTube

For more information please email