Inner Light Workshops

The Power of Intention

Facilitated By: Rev Deborah L. Johnson (Lead)

                              & Alexandra Montreal

5 Thurs  Oct 4 – Nov 1, 2018

Evenings: 6:30-  9:30 PM

Inner Light Center  5630 Soquel Drive  Soquel, CA

More than a goal, intention is where our thoughts, words, actions, and emotions all align. When we are in alignment, possibilities are unleashed. Out of alignment, we are fragmented in cross-purposes. Less about results, intention is more about our motivations and ways of moving forward.  Why do we want what we want and how do we plan to get it? Who will we be if we succeed? Discover why it is more important that your intentions be pure than your goals be accomplished. Learn how to:

  • Discern your real intention and purify it
  • Align your thoughts, words, actions, and emotions
  • Create a new narrative for your life moves you into right action


This workshop merges with the year-long Adventures in Living Journey which practices We Circulate, “See → Thank →Share” Paying Forward 10% of unexpected income.

Registration $75  Register Onsite or Online

For more information:  (831) 465-9090 x206


Virtual Advanced Skills Building* for Societal Oneness



Facilitated by

Rev Deborah L. Johnson

Gain proficiencies in the concepts and techniques necessary to: align with Life’s paradoxical healing processes; direct Love’s energy as a Soul Force; engage in transformative dialogue; stop separating as protest against separation, and embrace adversaries as part of the solution. *For those with an inclusive spiritual practice and/or a history of social justice work.

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