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Gratitude Removes The Blinders – November 25th, 2013

Gratitude Removes The Blinders – November 25th, 2013

[weekly-headings theme=’Never Too Late for Healing’ topic=’Gratitude Removes The Blinders’ speaker=’Rev Deborah L. Johnson’ ]



I have the courage to bless every step of my journey.

Removing the blinders of judgment and blame, I clearly see.

My spiritual eyesight has perfect vision.

As I discern the Truth, I am set free.

No matter what my past narrative, I am free to rename my experience.

Embracing every lesson, it is never too late to heal.

It is never too late to express appreciation.

With a grateful heart, I unearth Life’s treasures.

Connected to the One Source, I live in a state of sufficiency.

Acknowledging the Good everywhere present, I am in a constant state of renewal.

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