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Greater Capacities – February 12, 2017

Greater Capacities – February 12, 2017

Theme: Possibility 
Topic: Greater Capacities
Speaker: Rev Dr. Deborah L. Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Gina Rene


The present is not bound by the past.

I release all narratives of lack and limitation.

Envisioning possibility, I release my innate power.

I celebrate this moment with hope and enthusiasm.

I challenge myself to dream bigger dreams.

Maya, illusion, does not fool me.

I see beyond appearances; I perceive beyond what I see.

I see the clarity in the midst of the confusion.

I see harmony in the midst of dissension.

We can rise to new heights and expand to new possibilities.

We choose to be awake, aware, and spiritually available.

We step into our greater yet to be.

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