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Honoring Valerie Joi and Staff Transition Announcements

Honoring Valerie Joi and Staff Transition Announcements

Greetings from Inner Light Ministries. I trust that the summer months have been filled with insights and inspiration, connection and contemplation. Now is a time of great transition in our individual and collective lives. Growth and transformation require change. We support each other and our spiritual community as we evolve into our greater yet to be. In the Book of Life, chapters end and others begin. Let us be encouraged by each other’s journeys and challenged to step up and out of our comfort zones into more giving and loving than we have ever known.



After 16.5 years as our Music Director, and 10 years as our choir director, Valerie Joi Fiddmont has retired from Inner Light’s Music Ministry. On leave of absence for the past 90 days, we have been holding her in our prayers for discernment of right action on the next leg of her spiritual journey. There are no words to express the depth of gratitude for the excellence of her musical ministry, always bringing her A-Game and empowering others to do the same. As a founder of Inner Light, Valerie Joi has been instrumental to shaping the heart and soul of Inner Light. We bless her as she follows her Yes to expanded levels of spiritual availability.  


Please join us to honor Valerie Joi as our Expression of Gratitude during our Sunday Service on August 25. Under the interim direction of Laura Cash-Helgren, the choir remains steadfast and will debut its 2013-2014 season on Sunday, September 8.


Kath Robinson, featured soloist, Praise Team Leader, vocal coach, and choral instructor, will be on leave this upcoming choir season while home schooling her son. So grateful for her enormous contributions; we look forward to her participation as time permits.


We have been blessed with continuous volunteer service from numerous professionals dedicated to “Taking this consciousness and multiplying it.”


Sound: Marc Sveen, our head sound engineer, is stepping down soon in preparation for his initiation into fatherhood. His behind-the-scenes magic has been a cornerstone of all things live and recorded in the sanctuary for years.


Videography & Web: Larry Kingsland has been our lead videographer, editor, and producer of our television and online programs. Until fairly recently, Larry kept us informed as webmaster of our former website. We fully support Larry in his self-care knowing that divine opportunities are forever manifesting in his life.



Bookkeeping: We are immensely grateful to Robin Steinberg, who graciously returned to the finance office to fill a sudden gap as our interim bookkeeper. The office is being reorganized and re-staffed. Applications are now open through August 21 for a part-time bookkeeper. It is our intent to hire a Finance Director at the end of the year. Volunteer opportunities are always available, as well.


Volunteer Coordination: The repositioning of Laura Cash-Helgren as interim choir director opens space for more community involvement in nurturing our growing community. A real key to Inner Light’s success and vibrancy is its dedicated volunteers. Coordination of Inner Light’s volunteers is an area seeking leadership.


We celebrate all of the service that our faithful paid and volunteer staff continuously provide. If you are feeling the call to say Yes at higher levels within the Inner Light Community, please contact Esperanza Zamora at Together let us boldly bring forth a world that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just.


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