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Inner Light Office Equipment Upgrade

Inner Light Office Equipment Upgrade

Our Inner Light office equipment needs updating. Our printers and photocopiers have all seen better days, as have many of our computers. While we pray for their continued functioning while we still need them, it is time to do a major overhaul. Our staff efficiency will increase multifold when we have equipment that reliably operates as it should.

The community is asked to help in several ways. First and foremost, hold the upgrade in prayer. Join us in knowing that we have a fully functional, effective, efficient, and ease-filled office infrastructure with machines that seamlessly support Inner Light staff and volunteers in taking this consciousness and multiplying it! Second, if you have leads to potential solutions, please contact Rev. Beth Love, Systems Coordinator, or 831-465- 9090×216. Finally, if you feel moved to support this effort financially, your donations would be much appreciated.

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