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Are you making a DIFFERENCE with your money?
Updated 6.27.17

Would you like the comfort of knowing that your money is:

  • Providing you monthly income at an annual rate of 6%
  • Secured by tangible well-located real estate not fluctuating with money markets
  • Repaid in 2-3 years by a reliable contractual source
  • Professionally managed
  • Although pooled with others still your own personal asset
  •  Aligned with your highest values and empowering Inner Light’s message of Oneness

Over the last 13.5 years, scores of individuals have enjoyed these benefits from investing in the Inner Light Center property at 5630 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA. You can, too! Although your investment is pooled with others, it is still your personal asset that you can assign, sell, or will. We are celebrating our 20-year anniversary and will be moving to a more versatile and sustainable facility in 2-3 years when our sales escrow closes. We have sold our property to a developer to build senior assisted living housing. While in escrow, we are refinancing the property’s junior debt held by community members who have invested from savings, trust accounts, inheritance, retirement funds, and the like.
The new short-term bridge loan will be an aggregate amount of $990,000 repaid out of the sales proceeds. The bridge loan will be executed in two transactions. As of June 27, 2017, the first $560,000 has already been identified between new and re-investors and is being processed in escrow. The refinance escrow is at First American Title in Capitola. If you want to join the participants in the second transaction, you must be able to fund no later than July 30, 2017. The minimum investment is $10,000. For more info, contact Rev Deborah Johnson, (831) 465-9090 x202. Please note 401k IRA accounts require additional authorizations from the managing entity before funding.



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