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Known Only By Our Love – December 25th, 2016

Known Only By Our Love – December 25th, 2016

Theme: Oneness
Topic: Known Only By Our Love
Speaker: Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Papiba & Friends


I have the courage and the capacity to keep loving, no matter what.

I choose the Agapeo Oneness Love as my way of being.

I perceive the interconnectedness of life and all beings.

No one and nothing is outside of the Infinite, the wholeness of Life.

I never look for reasons to exclude.

I bring people into loving embrace, not push them out.

I always empathize, even when I fail to sympathize.

I am known for my compassion and capacity to embrace the whole.

There is only Love, the Love that heals and sets us free.

I choose only Love.

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