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Love Goes The Distance – June 26, 2016

Love Goes The Distance – June 26, 2016

Month Theme: LOVE
Speaker: Rev Dr. Deborah L. Johnson


  • Love is the balm that heals the wounded heart.
  • Love unifies and Love dissipates all separation.
  • No gulf is too large for Love to cross, no mountain too high to scale.
  • No lie can stand in the presence of Love.
  • Discord has nothing to breathe once Love fills our hearts and minds.
  • Love embraces all adversaries and caresses us as One.
  • Love corrals our renegade thoughts back into the spiritual fold.
  • Lighting the way, Love brings us home to ourselves.
  • Love and divisiveness cannot occupy the same space.
  • I choose love as my only weapon.
  • Love’s light ends all fights.
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