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March 28, 2020 – Healing Circle

March 28, 2020 – Healing Circle

Being rescheduled to comply with the Santa Cruz County “Shelter-in-Place” order.

Inner Light Healing Circle
Spiritual qualities associated with this event:
Forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, empowerment, oneness,
evolution, freedom, liberation, sacredness, release, transformation.

This community gathering, in the form of a Healing Circle, offers all of us an opportunity to share our experiences of our involvement with ILM, in a safe, structured and sacred setting, geared towards expression, understanding, and healing. This includes anyone who may be struggling with their feelings about past events and past unfoldment in our ILM community. If there is anything within you regarding Inner Light that needs to be articulated, addressed, purged, or reconciled, please join us in our Healing Circle the day before our last service at the Center, on Saturday, March 28. This will be a time of healing, bearing witness, supporting one another, and acknowledging whatever needs future attention so that we may truly move “Free, Fresh, and Forward.” Let us release the past in order to move forward into our greater yet to be as a community.

Along with the Healing Circle, there will be a Sacred Burning Bowl Ceremony in which anything that’s left to be released can be offered into the burning bowl to be lifted and transformed by the grace of God. There will also be practitioners holding vigil and practitioners available for prayer before, during and after.

Releasing our current facility is not a mere real estate transaction. As a spiritual community, we are entering into the next phase of reimagining ourselves. It is time to not only clear out our physical space but our emotional and energetic space, as well.

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