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Mindfulness in Meditation and Communication

Mindfulness in Meditation and Communication

O’Dell Johnson, M.A. and Vicki Assegued, M.A.
Saturday, April 19, 10:00am–4:00pm
Inner Light Center, Fee: $50 or donation

This wonderful daylong retreat is designed to enhance your internal communication with yourself as well as your external communication with others. Through finding your inner calm and clarity, and then learning new ways to interact with others, you can greatly improve both how you feel inside and in your relationships. There will be guided meditations, discussions, teaching and practice, providing you with the understanding, state of being and practical tools needed to communicate with everyone in your life in successful, positive ways.

O’Dell Johnson is currently completing a doctorate in Humanistic Psychology and is a certified Vedic instructor under Deepak Chopra. He has provided over 25 years of progressive, innovative mindfulness trainings to schools, health & community agencies, congregations, corporations and correctional facilities.

Vicki Assegued holds a Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice. Active for over 20 years as a trainer and mediator, Vicki presents dynamic, engaging workshops that provide the understanding and tools for immediately improving communication and relationships.

Childcare is available with pre-registration by April 5.  To pre-register for childcare, please fill out the appropriate fields on the online registration form or contact Families Minister Rev. Beth Love, 831-465-9090×213.

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