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Abundance Ministry

The Abundance Ministry promotes the conscious re-sourcing of the only Source – God (by any name, still the same). Understanding that we receive with the same manner in which we give, this ministry facilitates the circulation of abundance through people, places, and things, keeping us in alignment with divine flow.

We tithe to other organizations that are doing good works that nurture, inspire, and uplift. Through our tithing we are able to register a vote of empowerment and encouragement. Our giving is not the confirmation of our wealth and another’s poverty but the affirmation of our mutual divinity. The Abundance Ministry oversees our Pledge Circle through which individuals make monthly contributions, capital campaigns, and other fund-raising activities.

Please consider making an on-going financial contribution to Inner Light. Your gifts help put our spiritual aspirations into action, and “take this consciousness and multiply it!”

Connect with the Abundance Ministry