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Nia Conscious Movement with Brooke Justice

Nia Conscious Movement with Brooke Justice

Tuesday Nights, July 31st & August 7th, 7-8pm
In the Social Hall with Brooke Justice

Consciously move ‘The Body’s Way.’ Listen to your body’s
wisdom. Ignite the spark of joy and inspiration within! Nia is
a holistic mind-body-spirit movement and lifestyle practice
to foster awareness of your life through physical sensation,
allowing the voice of the body to direct your actions and
choices. We will learn a movement routine that we will practice
for five weeks to feel comfort, confidence, and freedom,
allowing us to deepen our awareness of sensation from within.
Nia is designed for any body. It is ageless and limitless,
transformational and effective for every person everywhere.
And most of all, it’s exhilarating and fun!

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