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Nine Paths Back To Oneness – April 14, 2019

Nine Paths Back To Oneness – April 14, 2019

I realize that I do, at times, disconnect from Source.
That my ego would have me believe that I am separate from
the One Spirit.
But I am not deceived.
I see through my conditioning and know the truth.
I am one with, and part of, the Divine.
I notice the small ways my ego has me go to sleep
and I wake up.
I notice the subtle ways it pulls my attention
and manipulates me through unconscious fears.
So I move into those areas of fear and feel my way through,
knowing it is the path back home.
It is the path to awakening.
And I know my ego is also Divine,
so I accept it fully as such.

-Written by Ben Saltzman

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