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Love Whatever Arises – August 18, 2019

Love Whatever Arises – August 18, 2019

God is my Source, all of my Life, my Go-To.
With God, I have infinite possibilities and potential.
I am a living, breathing prayer.
I am a space and place for Love to pour into and out of me.
I am awake and aware; present with all 5 senses to Life
all around me.
I open my heart, mind, and body to the everyday signs
from Life.
Listening to how I am guided, my body is my compass.
I notice all I’m feeling as part of healing within me.
In uncertainty, I go into prayer and contemplation
without attachment.
I walk with Faith.
Fed by the Universe, I let go and surrender.
I have everything I need within me.
I receive and give thanks for the gifts presented
in each moment.

©2019 Inner Light Ministries

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