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November 29, 2020 – Gratitude Adjusts Attitudes

November 29, 2020 – Gratitude Adjusts Attitudes

I never need a reason to be grateful.

I am grateful just because.

My deepest appreciation for Life relishes in the thoroughness of the journey.

I rejoice in the bounty that is everywhere present.

Divine Goodness expresses itself in, through, and as me.

My thoughts, words, and deeds make a positive contribution.

I have the courage to pierce through appearances.

I see blessings eclipsed by circumstances. 

I give thanks no matter what.

My resiliency buoys me up, keeping me afloat in troubled waters.

The energy of the thanks I give uplifts others as well.

Gratitude is the great attitude adjuster.

© 2020 Inner Light Ministries

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