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Special Offer for Unstoppable Solopreneurs

Inner Light Ministries

10 Lessons to Experience More Wealth MP3 series
PLUS The Sacred YES, Letters From the Infinite, Vol 1

by Rev. Deborah L. Johnson

Unstoppable Solopreneur participants get this $150 package PLUS a free gift for only $97!

Step into the magnificence that is you. Your life is rich with meaning and significance. You are here for a purpose that is uniquely yours and now is the time to fulfill it. You are already equipped with everything that you need to successfully complete your journey. Partake of these maps that to lead you to your own inner treasure. As a spiritual being, you are abundant by nature. Discover the truth of what you are. Your wealth is to be revealed, not merely achieved.

These lessons are Tools for Living designed to help you access your power and potential.  Practical and inspirational, they help you become aware of your capabilities and responsibilities, your possibilities and your opportunities. You can consciously co-create your life’s experience! Learn how to:

  • have clarity of focus and purpose
  • operate from a place of intention
  • manifest your vision
  • expand your capacity to give and receive
  • deepen your trust in Divine Order
  • make of your life’s work a contribution to the greater good
  • live in harmony so that all may prosper

Reawaken the truth about you so that you may prosper beyond measure in every area of your life.


To Experience More Wealth

Each lesson is an individual MP3 podcast, 25-45 minutes long, recorded with a live audience.

  1. I Am Abundant By Nature
  2. Yes Is On the Front End, Not the Back
  3. Aligning Purpose, Vision, and Intent
  4. From Conceptualization to Manifestation
  5. Facts Fit the Frame
  6. The Audacity to Perceive
  7. Show Up With Your A-Game
  8. Our Fates Are Intertwined
  9. Privilege, Power, and Divine Circulation
  10. Support What Supports You


The Sacred YESThe SACRED YES, Letters From the Infinite, Vol 1 as revealed to Rev Deborah L. Johnson ($24.95 on Amazon)

“These letters are an invitation to deepen our relationship with the Divine. As they acknowledge our strengths and frailties, constructs and confusion, they encourage, chide, and carry us across the threshold of our greater yet to be.”  Iyanla Vanzant

During Oprah Winfrey’s first Life Class, Iyanla Vanzant acknowledged Rev Deborah L. Johnson for the concept of “Feel, Deal, and Heal.” From The Sacred Yes, this technique became Iyanla and Oprah’s major framing for the inaguaral Life Class lesson, Stop the Pain. The show aired on March 26, 2012 and is still available on the Oprah Winfrey Network website.

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