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Personal Message From Valerie Joi and Rev. Deborah

Personal Message From Valerie Joi and Rev. Deborah


From Rev Deborah L. Johnson & Valerie Joi Fiddmont
June 20, 2012


We, Valerie Joi and Rev Deborah, have been surrendering to a most sacred time of consecration and recalibration. There is so much more that is required of everyone, especially the two of us, and we have chosen to say Yes. To deepen our Yes, we are doing the challenging work of the soul, which can only be done within the very core of one’s own inner being. Every caterpillar must enter its own cocoon. We have been residing in different places since last summer and now each have our own residence. We are being made new and have created the space in our lives to support this transformational process. 

We have been listening for how God wants us to show up in the world, personally, professionally, and spiritually. During this time our relationship has been redefined. We will continue to serve together in a co-ministerial relationship. However, we are no longer a couple, and our marital relationship is in the process of being released. Since its inception over 15 years ago, we have given Inner Light 110% of ourselves and will continue to do so. Our commitment to ministry and co-ministry keeps climbing to greater heights, even as we have been working through our process. The recent Carnegie Hall experience bears witness to this commitment.  

We are so grateful for the love, vision and support that we have received through the years from our Inner Light Community. You have helped us to become the ministers that we are. As we move forward, we humbly request that you continue to support us and Inner Light. Please give us the respect and space that we require to continue to do our personal work during this time of transition, as well as the work of the ministry. We have always supported the members of our Community in their healing and growth and request the same back. We ask that you refrain from fear, worry, speculation, or gossip about the future of Inner Light or us and rather, pray for us and this great ministry. Energetic intrusion or interference is not supportive to us or to Inner Light. Please respect our privacy and let us be.  

We love each other very much and we are fine. We are both committed to ensuring that Inner Light remains the strong, vibrant spiritual community that it is. Just like Inner Light Ministries, we are cultivating the capacity to live more sustainable lives in order to fulfill our calling. Let us all focus our attention on making Inner Light as strong as it can be.


From the Inner Light Ministries Board of Directors

 June 20, 2012


We, the board of directors of Inner Light Ministries, have been respecting the deeply personal and spiritual transformation that Reverend Deborah and Valerie Joi have each been undergoing. The two of them have recently informed the Inner Light board of directors that they are releasing their life partnership. We stand in solidarity with them as they prepare to model a new paradigm for spiritual collaboration and leadership. For over 15 years both Reverend Deborah and Valerie Joi have demonstrated their steadfast commitment to the Inner Light community.  Both have affirmed their intent to remain in service and leadership here at Inner Light.  Over the last year they have been privately redefining their relationship and over that time both have demonstrated not only their unwavering commitment to the health and vitality of our organization, but also their commitment to work collaboratively with one another at Inner Light.  

As the board of directors, we are asking the community to join us in our support of our spiritual leaders as they make this personal transition.  We urge that the community hold the high watch and honor their personal space and privacy.  The personal and co-ministerial partnership of Reverend Deborah and Valerie Joi has been a key element of Inner Light as an organization and a movement.  We thank Reverend Deborah and Valerie Joi for their consistent and continued service, their unwavering dedication and their willingness to model transparency, integrity, and commitment.    We take this moment to remind ourselves that Inner Light has evolved into a vibrant community under their guidance and leadership.  We also remind ourselves that Inner Light is more than the personalities of our leadership, and that we are, as always, firmly rooted in our guiding principles.  

Our community is founded on principles of Integrity, Truth and Oneness and is committed to upholding those principles.  We, as a board, see this as a tremendous opportunity to revitalize and recommit to the vision and core values of Inner Light as an organization. We are committed to maturing as an organization and stepping unto this opportunity to develop, strengthen, and thrive.  We, as the board of directors of Inner Light Ministries, affirm that our community, organization and movement will continue to grow.  We welcome and embrace our greater yet to be.


Prayer Ministry Community Sharing Circles


The Inner Light Prayer Ministry and Practitioners have prepared a series of four Community Sharing Circles. We are committed to providing a safe space for the Inner Light community to come together to share feelings about this transition and to receive support. The Circles are completely confidential and you may attend as many as you like. All circles are open to everyone, however, Valerie Joi and Rev Deborah Johnson will not be present at any.  These circles will be facilitated by Inner Light Practitioners.


Community Sharing Circle Schedule: 

Thursday, June 21- 7:00 to 9:00 PM

  Friday, June 22- 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Saturday, June 23- 10:00 AM to Noon

Sunday, June 24- 6:30 to 8:00 PM


 All Circles will be held at the Inner Light Center.


 If you would like individual prayer support, please contact Valerie Hayes, Prayer Ministry Director, at:

831-465-9090 ext 211.



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