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Rev Deborah Johnson statement on DOMA and Proposition 8 Ruling

Rev Deborah Johnson statement on DOMA and Proposition 8 Ruling


 Remarks from Reverend Deborah L. Johnson


Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 Rulings

San Francisco, June 26, 2013




Upon the dawning of this new day, with eyes purified we see beyond the lies that have denied the divinity of our humanity, giving cause to pause the full granting of our liberties. Upon the dawning of this new day we can honestly say “Thank you, God, for having brought us from such a mighty long way.” The road has not been easy and bittersweet its song. Yet, this rugged journey has made us strong, convinced us that we belong standing here together against systems perpetuating the wrongs, marveling at the miracle that we are standing together, at all. We are part of the dream King inspired into imagination, standing here together in unification for the diversification of our nation full of colors and textures. No more conjectures of cookie cutters that count out anything that can’t fit within its margins.

We as communities of faith are charged with the sacred responsibility to bring forth the beloved community. We will forever stand in solidarity against the tyranny of biology – where the beauty of the diversity of God’s creativity is used to justify discrimination and negativity. In its infinite wisdom, the Creator has created us a spectrum of shapes and sizes, colors, and sexes. We no more choose our sex than we do the color of our skin. And no one should be prevented from participating in their constitutional freedoms by being denied access to such basic things as voter registration, a marriage license, or family reunification across borders because of one’s sex, race, physical abilities or any other attributes Life has graced them with.

We are pleased that we are one step further to birthing the beloved community. We are grateful for the day when in every state we, and our children, can walk hand and hand with families who mirror our love, if not our composition. Our nation must heal from the wounds of legal segregation of our families. Know that LGBT families are kind and compassionate neighbors who uphold the sanctity of the increasingly integrated neighborhood of marriage that we share. We must celebrate all families and enable them to remain intact across state or national borders.

Our message to the world is not that we won, but we are One. Lennon, like King, spoke of his dream knowing that he wasn’t the only one. We stand with and upon the shoulders of those fighting for freedom and equality. Someday I hope that you will join us, so the world can live as One.

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