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Sacred Release

Sacred Release

There comes a time when you just know-It is time to let it go…
Let go of valuables and collectibles, in your home, garage, storage unit, closet and your mind and heart. If it does not bring you joy, it is just taking up space. Inner Light will help you take the leap to freedom and release.

We are in partnership with a reputable organization that sells, does the research and handles all the details. Inner Light’s first transaction with them netted $19,500. A local dealer offered us $6500 for the same item!

Donate your item(s) to Inner Light and receive a portion of the profits. You decide. You donate 40-100% to ILM and keep the rest.
Carol Van Den Bos, trained Professional Organizer and ILM Practitioner of Higher Consciousness is ready to support you. You do not need to do this alone.

Contact Lea Simoni Reed or Valerie Hayes for more details xt 204 xt 211

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