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Separation Costs More Than Oneness – December 11, 2016

Separation Costs More Than Oneness – December 11, 2016

Theme: Oneness
Topic: Separation Costs More Than Oneness
Speaker: Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Ishantu


My heart knows its Oneness.

My soul desires deep connection.

I give myself permission to feel, deal, and heal.

Confusion gives way to resolution.

I trade division for unification, complication for simplification.

I resonate with rejuvenation opening to continuous transformation.

The only thing that needs to be healed is the sense of separation.

I transform all energy of separation into integration.

Otherness simply costs too much.

I will not waste my precious energy on regrets and resentment.

My life is a beacon of light that stands for vision and possibility.

With love and compassion, I bring forth the Beloved Community.

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