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Standing In Spiritual Power – February 26, 2017

Standing In Spiritual Power – February 26, 2017

Theme: Possibility 
Topic: Standing In Spiritual Power
Speaker: Rev Dr. Deborah L. Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Heather Houston & Yala Lati Choir


I am One with the Only Power that is.

My essence is pure Spirit.

I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.

I am tapped in a reservoir of knowledge, capacity, and fortitude.

Thoughts of lack and limitation cannot root in my consciousness.

I am free from emotional debris.

There is so much more about me than what has or has not happened in my life.

Everything is energy constantly changing form; facts never have the last word.

I proclaim the spiritual Truth that I know beyond appearances.

In every situation I dare to proclaim, “I am more than this!”

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