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The Power of Our Word – May 6th, 2012

The Power of Our Word – May 6th, 2012

[weekly-headings theme=’Manifestation’ topic=’The Power of Our World’ speaker=’Rev. Deborah L. Johnson’ ]



We are powerful and abundant beyond our wildest imagination.
Every day we awaken to greater and greater potential.
We consciously activate the awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings.
Our lives are transformed as we lovingly embrace and fully embody our spiritual identity.
We awaken from the hypnotic trance of “not enoughness.”
We boldly declare that the Goodness is at hand.
We release ourselves from the burden and illusion of making things happen.
Aligning with the Divine, we allow Life to unfold in, through, and as us.
Minding our minds and reeling in our emotions,
we speak words of Truth and empowerment.

© 2012 Inner Light Ministries

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