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The Reciprocity of Giving – November 27, 2016

The Reciprocity of Giving – November 27, 2016

Theme: Thankfulness
Topic: The Reciprocity of Giving
Speaker: Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Musical Inspiration: TBA


What goes around, comes around.

Thoughts, words, and deeds rebound;

They have a rippling effect and boomerang back to the sender.

Being mindful of what I put out empowers me to be intentional about what I receive.

Opening the floodgates of compassion, the Universe showers it blessings upon me.

We receive in the same manner, in the same spirit, as we give.

I have a generosity of spirit.

I give freely so that freely I may receive.

I give freely so that I may experience the power of contribution.

Our respective harvests feed each other.

God loves a cheerful giver.

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