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To Be Of The Highest Service – September 18, 2016

To Be Of The Highest Service – September 18, 2016

Topic: To Be Of The Highest Service
Speaker: Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Musical Inspiration: ILM Choir


I am a citizen of the world.

I belong to something much larger than family or local community.

I am a part of the fullness of humanity itself unfolding into its greatness.

My thoughts are not private; they are deposits into the ethers.

I am mindful of the thoughts I intercept and nurture,

and careful of the ones I emit.

There is nothing worth dragging us down vibrationally.

I strengthen global chi energy as a strengthen and purify myself.

I always relinquish old hurts and patterns for the Higher Good.

Releasing smallness, I choose to be of the Highest Service.

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