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Trade In Probable For Possible – February 5, 2017

Trade In Probable For Possible – February 5, 2017

Theme: Possibility 
Topic: Trade In Probable For Possible
Speaker: Rev Dr. Deborah L. Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Inner Light Choir under the direction of David Wells


Probability theory doesn’t limit my possibility consciousness.

The past does not set the precedent of the future.

There is always more growth, more awareness, more possibility.

I dare to see beyond the facts.

I dare to allow Truth crushed to earth to rise again.

I dare to imagine what has never been.

My mind is unencumbered with what it thinks it knows.

My heart is unshackled from former constrictions.

I am free to be all that Spirit has ordained me to be.

Every day is a new day; every moment is a new moment.

I am the face of possibility

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