Weeding and Reseeding – April 2, 2017

Weeding and Reseeding – April 2, 2017

Theme: Abundance
Topic: Weeding and Reseeding
Speaker: Rev Dr. Deborah L. Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Inner Light Choir


Everything grows and multiplies, each after its own kind.

There is always something germinating and gestating within me.

I am conscious of what is being cultivated in my consciousness.

I take the time to nurture the concepts I want to flourish.

I create the space to release what is complete or does not serve.

I keep myself, as precious soil, fresh and fertile.

The garden of my life bears good fruit.

I live a sustainable life, reseeding the best.

I give back to the Universe the best that has been given me.

I circulate my blessings to continue to bless.

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