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When We are Balanced, We are Whole – October 30, 2016

When We are Balanced, We are Whole – October 30, 2016

Topic: When We are Balanced, We are Whole
Speaker: Rev. Deborah L Johnson
Musical Inspiration: Inner Light Children’s Choir & Teens


Written by Inner Light Teens

  • Balance is like a box of chocolates: Some are really bad; some are really good; it depends on who is eating them.
  • When I try yoga, I might lose my balance.
  • When I do life, I might lose my balance; either way, it’s ok.
  • Balance is where I find happiness.
  • There is no “good,” or “bad,” there is only balance.
  • I appreciate the “bad” to be able to feel the “good,” and I know it will be okay.
  • Life has a way of taking care of itself and its automatically balanced.
  • I am balanced in all aspects of my life, so I don’t fall.
  • With a balanced life, I know the emotions and pain that come with life are able to be moved through.
  • I am balanced in my Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • Balance is being prepared for the unexpected, and letting it flow.
  • Balance is created with patience and love for all.
  • Balance allows change in my life.
  • Balance allows opportunities in my life.
  • Balance allows the coherence of every aspect of my life.
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