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Will You be Made Whole? – October 28, 2018

Will You be Made Whole? – October 28, 2018

I recognize the ever-evolving nature of the Divine and I allow my evolution to progress.
My essence is divine energy colored with my expression.
Through right use of my will, the Divine expresses through me.
I am willing to be my highest and best self.
I am willing to look deeply for what encumbers my essence.
Lovingly, I allow weed thoughts and false beliefs
to surface and be released.
I step outside my comfort zone and consider greater possibilities.
Without judgment and through forgiveness, I observe and adjust
what hinders my essential self.
I no longer believe in my brokenness.
I accept and allow my true nature to arise and assert itself.
A whole being, I am completely complete.

© 2018 Cassandra Davies

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